About B.P.S Office Cleaning

B.P.S Office Cleaning Is A Locally Owned Janitorial Services Company Serving The Greater Toronto Area
For More Than 10 Years. We Specialize In Commercial Cleaning For Industrial Locations, Corporate Offices And Small Businesses.

Who We Are

B.P.S Office Cleaning is owned by principals who have broad experience in maintaining their clients’ facilities to high standards at a low cost. With over 10 years of serving the Greater Toronto Area, we are your local partner for janitorial services. We value our clients and appreciate the trust they place in us. In return, we let the quality of our work speak for itself.

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Our Philosophy

Our first responsibility is to meet with our potential clients and determine their individual needs. Then, together, we design specific services to accomplish our clients’ objectives.

B.P.S Office Cleaning realizes that open customer contact is essential for superior service. Not only do we effectively communicate with each client to develop a tailored maintenance program, but we provide a “Communications Journal” to track the quality of our service on an immediate basis.

There are many aspects of compliance with green cleaning. We can help impact and affect a number of items that support this process. These include:


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